Sports organizations benefit from partnering with Five Star by providing a necessary added dimension to their program in the area of nutrition and in giving their athletes an edge. Five Star also provides organizations with a personalized systematic approach to increase revenues. It’s simple and works.


“As the owner and executive director, I’m extremely busy with 360+ athletes and did not have the time to develop a nutrition program for our club. Yet I knew it would be an important addition. I completely value our nutrition component that we’ve now added. Our athletes not only get the highest quality products, but also a nutrition education component as well. Five Star Health has made a perfect partnership for us in providing both. They have experience and knowledge with a simple system for a sports organization to add value to their community of coaches, players and parents.”

Jamie BlairOwner & Executive Director Force Volleyball: San Antonio, Houston, Kerrville, Corpus Christi & San Angelo


“Partnering with Five Star Health just made sense. Alamo Heights Fort Sam Houston Fire is a dynamic organization of elite athletes so adding this partnership of nutrition education and the USANA products was the next step in solidifying our place as a top premier sports organization.”

Terry Theis, President, Alamo Heights Fort Sam Houston Board


“Five Star Health has been great in listening to the needs of Spartan Basketball . They have helped us developed a great system that has not only added value to our athletes but also helped us stay ahead of the game in training and given us a competitive edge.“

Tim Springer, Owner and Head Trainer of Spartan Basketball


“We pride ourselves on developing the complete athlete at Top Gun. Adding a partnership with Five Star Health was a great decision. The education they provide and products are top notch just like Top Gun. It’s simple and they have given us a systematic approach that helps our athletes and families along with generating additional revenue for our program.”

Cindy Rodriguez, Owner of Top Gun Volleyball


“Sixteen years ago when we started D1 nation it was my mantra that athletes would get appropriate training and have a great opportunity for competition and then of course put the recruiting component into place; making sure they go on to college. After 16 years, 250 Division 1 players, and a number of pros, I think we’ve done a great job but I’ve recently realized that one of the key foundations to success we have overlooked is nutrition. The main piece of the puzzle that is left to maximize performance and opportunity for athletes is to make sure your nutrition is in order. I have partnered with Five Star Health that have tailored made a program for the families and the athletes.”

Max Ivany, Founder, D1 Nation