“Five Star Health has a specialized niche in educating and assisting professional athletes and sports organizations. For the professional athlete, Five Star has an unmatched system in both educating and aiding the athlete in increasing both performance and recovery. Five Star has not only worked with the individual professional athlete but also with professional teams. With our unique approach, the possibilities are limitless.”

Gina Hunter, Co-Founder Five Star Health International


“As a professional Track & Field athlete, it is imperative that I maintain optimal health and fitness. Being part of USANA and the Five Star Community, I am able to get not only high quality, individualized health & wellness products, but also valuable education. As I have been able to speak with product development and the Five Star Health team, I know exactly what I am putting into my body and why. With this peace of mind, I am able to focus on training and becoming an Olympian.”

Brandon Johnson, USA Track 800 Meter


“5STARHEALTH is giving our players the edge in nutrition. Let them assist you too.”

Alen Marcina, Head Coach, SA Scorpions FC



“I take my nutrition seriously. It’s as important as the training. With the products my recovery is not as stressed. I have been a professional for quite some time and I have never had a group come out and talk to us about nutrition and invest their time into us. I have never been as educated as in depth as I have from Five Star Health. Self awareness is good not only for athletes but also for individuals. Five Star has shown us where we are, where we need to be and where we could be.”

Julius James, Trinidad, Professional Soccer Player


“Ms. Gina Hunter and Five Star Health were such and asset to the 2nd Annual Youth Olympics as a vendor who demonstrated the importance of optimum nutrition and overall wellness. Your contribution showed your commitment to support our efforts to use the power of sports to positively impact children and influence a healthy mind, body, and soul. We are indeed grateful and look forward to partnering with you for our 3rd Annual Youth Olympics!”

Lenny Walls, Former NFL player Lenny Walls & Breaking Down Walls


“Being a part of Five Star Health has enhanced my quality of life by allowing me to take care of my body with USANA. Since I spend the majority of my time in the gym and focused on my basketball career the Referral Partner Program works best for me. It’s very simple and it works!”

Wendell White, US Professional Basketball Player


“Being a part of the Five Star team has not only helped me in my performance but also in my knowledge about nutrition.  Additionally being able to put time in my own business gives me the ability to build my business now and have the assurance that it will be there after my playing career is over.  It’s great because it doesn’t matter where I am in the world, my business travels with me.”

Mike Garza, US Professional Baseball Player