Becoming part of the Five Star/Usana family has been one of my greatest blessings. Five Star has made me a more positive and confident person! I am a RN and truly value being educated in all areas of health and wellness. I see people struggle with sickness and know the value of keeping my body healthy and optimally nourished. Also, I understand the value of having a daily regime of products that are based in scientific research and testing that I can trust to be pure and potent. By adding Usana to my family’s daily habits, we all will have a healthier lifestyle. I became part of a great team with amazing leaders that are always there to motivate me. I learned about Dr. Wentz’s story one evening at my son’s football practice. It was there that his coach Brandon Hernandez introduced me to Five Star Health’s co-founder Gina Hunter. She had come out to educate the players and parents about sports performance and recovery and how nutrition plays a huge role in both. I decided that evening that this was something I wanted for my family! I share Usana with others who want the opportunity for a big change and are willing to become part of a healthy and wealthy future. Our team and Usana are amazing in all aspects!

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