I grew up finding a passion in both family and sports. I am the proud mother of 6 beautiful children. I am proud to be a US veteran and to have served 2 tours in Iraq in the US Army. In 2006-2007 I was selected to play for the US ARMY, and then selected to represent the US AREMED Forces USA team, as the Libero, in the world games. Between playing competitively for the USA team, my love and passion never ceased and I even found a way to continue training during my deployments to Iraq in 2004-2005 and 2006-2007. In 1994-1998 I played at the Division I level for two years and later transferred to #13 nationally ranked UMHB. I have a GREAT passion for sport and kids and take my role and responsibility very seriously. I have coached competitively off and on for the last 18 years. Additionally, I have management experience in corporate America. Currently I am the co- owner of Elite3 Performance, which privately trains volleyball athletes from beginner to college level. As a mother, I strive to learn and understand each individual player and make it a goal to make a difference in their lives. I am humbled and blessed to play a positive role in athletes’ lives, being a positive influence, and helping athletes achieve their goals and dreams. Being a part of Five Star Health came from realizing the necessity for a good system that would work for my athletes. It was very important to me that Five Star Health help me develop a plan that would meet my needs as a business owner and provide the highest quality education to myself, my athletes, and the parents. Five Star Health gave us much more than we even thought possible and it just makes sense because our elite athletes need the proper education and products. USANA products are products our athletes can use from a young age and on up throughout their college career and don’t have to worry about testing. Personally, I use all the products daily and know how they make me feel. I’ve tried various brands and products on the market, and I can say that USANA is heads and shoulders above all the rest. For our parents of the athletes we train, I can feel confident because the products are in the Physician’s Desk Reference and over 600+ Olympic and professional athletes trust their health to USANA. The Five Star Health community definitely adds value to both my family and my business.

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