Both Lindsay and Nick were full-time employees working 40 – 60 hour work weeks and were still barely making ends meet. They both came from backgrounds that had taught them to go to school, get good grades, get a degree and work a job for the next 40 years. They worked for a family owned company making minimum wage with a 6 moth old little girl at home. To say that things were tight would be an understatement! “We both knew that we wanted more out of life and wanted to be able to raise our daughters ourselves,” Lindsay recalls. After Lindsay was abruptly laid off, the USANA opportunity was presented to them. They took a leap of faith and enrolled! “We were scared but knew it was the right move. Thankfully we found USANA because just a few short months after Lindsay lost her job, I too was laid off,” Nick exclaims!  “Our ultimate goal was to build a business where we were able to be stay-at-home parents” Lindsay says, “Most people don’t get the opportunity to have that lifestyle so the ability to do so has been priceless.” Nick played 11 seasons in the Arena Football League.

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