My journey for health and fitness began at a very young age. I’ve lived my entire life wondering why I was so much taller and bigger than every one else in my age group. When I started high school I decided I wanted to lose weight and get in better shape. I began playing basketball, track and field, and low carb dieting. Although I had great success in sports, my nutritional habits kept me from the results I was searching for and didn’t allow me to become the athlete I was born to be. These habits carried into my college career and I finally realized that my methods were not working. Although I loved sports, my passion for health and fitness surpassed my love of the game.

I began studying Kinesiology at the University of Las Vegas in hopes to become a physical therapist. I fell in love with a professional athlete and began traveling to other countries with him. I spent a lot of time training him year after year and finally found my passion. I became a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and a Spinning Instructor. Through my studies and experience I learned that nutrition and supplementation is essential for everyone. With all the options out there, how in the world was I going to find the products that would actually work and that would take athletes to the next level by making every part of their body function better? I couldn’t rely on just any vitamin. I wanted a product that was safe, that actually made a difference, didn’t alter the mechanics of the body’s natural functions, and I wanted integrity.

The Five Star Health team and USANA were introduced to me through a friend and after 6 months of research on the product and business I decided to dive in. My belief in the products grew tremendously after I started feeling the difference. My desire to build a business came after my husband had been in a terrible accident. He sustained a major injury to his leg that could have ended his career. He began taking the HealthPak, BiOmega, and Procosa and he started healing at an alarming rate. He is now a much better athlete and hasn’t missed a beat.

We are now dedicated to taking our vitamins every single day. We take the Healthpak, Procosa, Coquinone 30, Visionex, and our son takes Usanimals and BiOmega Jr. My results have been beyond amazing as I have finally obtained the health and fitness that I’ve always dreamed of. Now I am ready to explore fitness modeling and plan to engage in fitness competitions. Through regular exercise, proper nutrition, and USANA our dreams are coming true. It is now my mission to spend my life helping others obtain their goals through health, fitness, and wealth. I truly care about your health and wealth and would love the opportunity to help you get there. For more information please contact me at and let’s take you and your dreams to the next level with the a Five Star team and USANA.


God Bless

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