I’m a former NCAA Division 1 basketball student athlete. In 2006-08, my final 2 years of my collegiate career I attended Florida Atlantic University. I’m entering my 7th year playing professionally overseas. In my rookie and sophomore stints I spent my 2 years playing in Spain and had some great experiences. Memories in the well-known cities of Barcelona and Pamplona will never be forgotten. To date my most memorable experience was in my 3rd season. It also happens to be my 1st season playing professionally in Japan. It was my most memorable experience because I finished off the season holding the championship trophy while taking home MVP honors for the regular season and final four. That entire season I seemed to be riding a high that I’ve never felt before on a collegiate or professional level. My season that followed was a different experience as far as my body was concerned. Throughout my 2011-12 season, I dealt with nagging injuries the entire season that seemed to never go away. Those injuries altered the way I produced on the court and I could never get back to playing at that elite level like I did the year before. Last year might have been the 1st time in my career where I felt like I needed some type of supplements to enhance my performance throughout the season. I had no energy to finish out games the way I was accustomed to doing in my past years. I think it was an act of God being introduced to the Five Star Health team and USANA this past summer by a great woman, wife and mother by the name of Kelli White! She then introduced me to her expert, Gina Hunter, another great woman I have in my corner! Once Kelli and Gina gave me a great presentation about USANA and all that it offers combined with a phenomenal team, I knew it was something I needed in my life. The way my body has been responding to these supplements I wish I had been introduced to USANA years ago. The HealthPak and Procosa have given me a new found energy and confidence that I’ve been lacking. Throughout my summer workouts the energy I displayed was something that seemed pretty new to me. It has carried over to practices as well as games as I enter my 5th year playing here in Japan. I can’t see myself going a day without having my HealthPak and Procosa.

They’re supplements that are very essential to my daily lifestyle!

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