I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. I graduated from West Texas A & M playing football there and earned 3 Lone Star Conference Championships. I was very blessed being an All-American Center for the Buffaloes. After graduation, I was fortunate to play one season in the AFL. I am now the Senior Marketing Director for ACA Internet Marketing, a company which is a full digital agency based in San Antonio, Texas. In developing valuable business network connections, I met one of Five Star Health’s co- founders Gina Hunter. After learning more about the vision and mission of Five Star Health, I made a great decision in joining the team. Impressed with their value on health and systemic approach to healthy living, it was a smart decision. I knew I needed to live a healthy lifestyle and wanted a great group to help support me on my journey. I’ve always been a big believer in teamwork and surrounding myself with like- minded, successful people. I have been very impressed with the education level of the team and their heart for making a significant impact on people’s lives. Being a former athlete, I knew I had the drive to team up and make a difference as well. I’ve got numerous good friends playing in the NFL and I’m already seeing the benefits of the Five Star Health Referral Program. They’ve got a simple system anyone can capitalize on and, in the process, take care of their own health. I love my job so I don’t have much extra time to put into building an additional stream of income. But I do know that it’s smart and necessary in this day and age. So I am taking advantage of this referral program. In my own health, it’s helped me kick start my workout agenda and integrate a fantastic, high quality line of products into my daily regime. I have already lost 21lbs in a 2 month period and it’s not some crazy, jittery fad. Their program is based in real science. And I continue to strip down to my goal weight which is 225lbs. I’ve seen an increase in both my business and personal life because I have more energy and can go longer and harder throughout the day which improves my quality of life. Five Star and USANA is a huge part of my success in life and I look forward to making an impact in other people’s lives as well.

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