Prior to USANA I was a Div. I Collegiate Football player that had just finished school and was about to start teaching and coaching in San Antonio. Being an athlete for so many years and especially at a higher level, you learn that nutrition is a vital part of staying at the top of your game. Now that I was not being handed the proper nutrients, I had to look for my own. At about this time is when I met Cindy Arias. She introduced me to the concept of a high quality product with an opportunity to make some extra money. I mean, who wouldn’t want more money! Once I got started on the products, I immediately noticed a difference. Within a few days, the pain and swelling I use to get from all of the prior football injuries and wear and tear began to disappear. I felt young again! The quality of these products is what separates USANA from all other companies out there. Founded by a scientist with the intention of helping people achieve optimal health before thinking of money is what makes USANA the best company to trust your health to. And if you’re looking to take control of your financial future, then look no further! Where else can you go to get the highest quality product on the market with the highest percentage pay out for commissions to associates? No where! USANA offers you so many opportunities to learn from successful associates from around the globe. From what I have learned up until now is that you have to believe in yourself, you have to believe in this business, and you must be consistent!

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