D’Layne Kelly epitomizes integrity. She has been my friend for the past decade and always someone I could trust. Five Star Health, USANA and D’Layne are a match made in heaven. Full of trust, commitment, and Gold Medal team/company/person! I invited D’Layne to learn more about USANA over two years ago. She graciously accepted but had to leave our presentation early to get home to her two beautiful boys. Even though she declined joining our team, we still remained friends and time marched on. In January, two years later, D’Layne called me just to tell me how happy she was for me. She said she could tell by my FB posts just how happy I was and wanted to call to tell me how happy she was for me. We spent some time visiting and sharing what all was going on in our lives. She was just gearing up for softball season. She’s the varsity coach and teaches English at Clark High School. D’Layne was also named “NISD Teacher of the Year” and hit her 200th career win this year. She truly cares about her students and athletes teaching them to be outstanding people. A couple of weeks later, an opportunity presented itself, so I gave her a call about her future and the future of her boys and the possibilities of USANA. She listened. She took me up on the offer. A day later, she got scared (so common for all of us going into unchartered territories!). I told Cindy Arias I needed her to come with me and meet with her just to provide that extra bit of support to ensure her of our “team support”. After spending an hour with her, she was ready to join our Five Star Health team and ROCK USANA. We set up a presentation that next Sunday and her team started out of the gates SPRINTING! Within the first 7 weeks of starting her USANA business, D’Layne rank advanced to Builder then to Achiever skipping both Sharer and Believer (earning a well-deserved $1100 in 7 weeks). She wasn’t happy about not getting those rank certificates she skipped! She qualified for Lifetime Platinum Pacesetter in her 2nd week and finalized before her initial 8 week period! That, in and of itself, is HUGE!!! D’Layne has a heart of GOLD and I can’t wait to see her achieve that “GOLD DIRECTOR” milestone which will be soon! She became a leader without me having to teach her. She takes initiative and “doesn’t want to bother me with calls if not necessary” so she takes it upon herself to train her team and call USANA corporate when she has questions. AMAZING!!! She has had over 8 new associates on her team rank advance as well!!! Expectations are HIGH because D’Layne refuses to be anything less the then THE BEST in all she does and who she is, I am blessed and honored to have her on our Five Star Health team.

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