As a medical professional, I have always been interested in health and wellbeing. I was introduced to and partnered with USANA in October 2011 after a brief hospital stay for a sudden unexpected medical issue.  As I learned about the USANA products, I was impressed at the fact that USANA products are listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR).  The PDR is the “go to” book for medical professionals that list all available pharmaceuticals.  This gave USANA massive credibility.

The more I learned about USANA and the products, the more I realized medical professionals learned nothing about nutritional medicine, cellular health or disease prevention.  All of the medications prescribed don’t prevent diseases; they merely treat the symptoms of diseases.  I soon realized cellular health is the key to disease prevention and rediscovered the reason I became a medical professional. With USANA, I have the ability to make a difference in people’s lives and affect their health is a positive, lasting way. I use all of the USANA products in my daily life and have never felt better.  I trust my health and well-being to USANA and am overjoyed at the opportunity to share this experience with others.  USANA has also given me the opportunity to earn an extra steady stream on income.

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