My name is Cristina and I am a native of Brazil.  I moved to United States in 2005 on a journey to accomplish my dream of attending college in the US. After playing professional volleyball in Brazil, I earned an athletic scholarship to play in college in the US. After I completed my collegiate career, I earned my a BS in Kinesiology & Exercise Science from University of Texas at San Antonio. Since 2008, I found love and passion in coaching and inspiring kids to become the best in both sport and becoming healthy, active adults. I have a specialty in working with  athletes  on strength and conditioning, as well, all while teaching as a Fitness Instructor at Lifetime Fitness at San Antonio,Texas. My expertise is in cycling and Yoga, I recently became a registered Yoga Alliance teacher which I am very happy about. My life is a constant energetic flow between volleyball trips either coaching or playing, cycling classes, and yoga. One of my favorite pastimes is aerial acrobatics to make my life even more fun. My husband, Mathew Anz, and I have two kids, Brida and Luan. My family lives a healthy life style as vegetarians. And I am a proud vegan that loves cooking, cultivating and preaching health at work and at home, with family and friends, for a healthy and happier world. Partnering with Five Star Health and USANA just makes sense and our lives more complete.

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