Cindy Arias co-founded Five Star Health for the purpose of educating individuals on maintaining

or regaining their health. Coming from a family with long histories of diabetes, cardiovascular

disease and respiratory disease, Cindy knew that she, along with her family and friends, did not

want to add to the growing statistics of degenerative diseases. Cindy also suffers from

Rheumatoid Arthritis since a child and learned that degenerative disease is not just genetic; it can

be from lifestyle choices. She was determined that she would do everything she could to educate

herself and her kids to proper nutrition. Upon sharing the positive results she and her family had

using the USANA products, it was only natural that Cindy would want to incorporate what she

does best … to educate. Cindy has a BA in Elementary and Secondary Education with an

emphasis in Special Education and a Master Degree in Mid-Management and Educational

Psychology. Cindy has 28 years of experience as an educator both as a campus Principal and

District Supervisor. “Creating an organization of individuals who value their health just made

sense to me. I am still in the education business, however now, I specialize working with people

of all ages, and if they choose, strategize to increase their profits. Let’s face it; people are

looking for solutions for better health and also solutions to create their wealth. Many people

spend their precious time and health trying to earn enough money to gain financial freedom. But

all too often they discover that their time and health runs out. We, at Five Star Health, assist you

to achieve your goals both financially and physically. When those two ingredients are balanced

then mental and emotional health falls into place as well.“ Five Star Health has chosen to partner

with USANA Health Sciences because of its pharmaceutical standards used in the manufacturing

process. USANA is listed in the PDR so physicians are confident in recommending these

products to their patients. They additionally have attracted over 700 Olympic and professional

athletes that use these products. USANA offers these athletes a 1 Million Dollar Athlete

Guarantee that they will not test positive for a banned substance. USANA is also a Trusted

Partner and Sponsor of the Dr. Oz Show. USANA has a product line that can be trusted so is

easily marketed to the general public. The company has a proven track record and has never had

a product recall. Cindy and her Five Star team are passionate to assist you. Perhaps you are a

business owner who would like Five Star to create health education for your employees. Perhaps

you are the owner of a sports program, trainer or coach and want a customized education piece

for your athletes, parents or clients. Perhaps you want someone to help create a personalized

program for you and your family. Cindy and Five Star Health are ready to assist.

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