As a lover of life, seeker of happiness, and striving being, USANA has given me a means of health and wellness, knowledge of living a well-rounded, well balanced life, and shared with me a wonderful community of people. USANA was first introduced to me by my trailblazing mom. She immediately embraced the community and business of USANA and shared it with our entire family. Creating a healthy lifestyle for my brothers and I, she kindly presented me with a business center of my own at the age of 17. However, with the quick coming departure for college, I found myself not adopting this new shiny gift right away. I found myself energized and engaged in the lifestyle of a college artist, unfortunately not ready to appreciate USANA to its full potential. It wasn’t until after my recent graduation and initiation into the “real world”, I found myself seeing and understanding not only the health aspects of USANA but the business side as well.

The USANA products give me strength and energy to conquer and master each and every day. Working around high school kids, teaching them the art of digital photography, I am susceptible to germs and sickness. Taking USANA everyday keeps me prepared and my cells on guard to stop any sickness from halting my love of teaching. Not to mention the shakes are a wonderful way of packing a lunch, simple and tasty. Listening to the leaders of this wonderful business, observing their excitement and enthusiasm for what they have been taught and what they have learned helps in motivating me in maintaining a goaldriven outlook, pushing me to accomplish all that I can in USANA. Currently, my goal is to welcome my friends into the business and healthy living that USANA can provide for them. “… we rarely find a man who can say he has lived happy, and content with his past life, can retire from the world like a satisfied guest.” Horace … I believe that with the financial benefits, healthy living, motivating community, and encouragement to be all that you can possibly be with USANA, Horace’s rarity can become an everyday sighting creating a society of spectacular wellbeing people.

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