Throughout my entire life, sports, fitness, and health were the only things on my mind as a lifestyle and profession. As I was entering my junior year of college, I was headed toward coaching when two opportunities introduced to me that had the potential to change my life. The first was a graduate assistant position offered to me that made me realize that coaching was a life of 80hrs a week minimum which was a concern for me as family and time are very dear to me. The second opportunity was owning a USANA business which would give me a way to create an income through the lifestyle I was already living. It would also allow me to be able to be around the things I already love and get paid for it! Owning a USANA business would afford me time to myself and my family. So I had to make a choice: An 80 hr work week or own a business that would give me and my family generational income on the time and effort I put in as my own boss? That decision didn’t take a degree to make the right choice. I joined the Five Star Health team and started my endeavor in USANA. For me, the nutritionals alone made it worth the investment! The Essentials (USANA’s) multi-vitamin and Proflavanol USANA offers is a GOD-send to athletes for performance, recovery, and cardiovascular aid and health. USANA’s products are something my family will benefit from for life! And the fact that there is an opportunity of income within this company is just an added blessing which I’m forever grateful. Without it, I’d be just another 80 hour work week

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