My name is Andi Ynostrosa. I am currently a middle school coach and physical education teacher. I have been in the profession for 10 years. I teamed up with 5StarHealth in June 2014 after being introduced to Usana.


Usana has opened my eyes to my own personal development, health and wellness. Learning the vision of Dr. Wentz, seeing the production firsthand and joining the many wonderful people from all over the world; Usana has welcomed me into their family and I am elated to join such an innovative company that leads the right way!


The mission of 5StarHealth touches my heart because it aligns with my goals as a person and as an educator. As a teacher of health and physical education, I try to introduce young people to the 5 components of health and the overall importance to have balance in all areas to be “healthy”. The leaders and my team model this for me and I in turn model it for my family and students. I love helping others and I feel blessed to be part of a team and company with such a beautiful mission!

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